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== Easy Method Make 1.500-2000$ With FACEBOOK == 2019 METHOD Working ==


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So what is my method ?

If you have free 3 hours in a day , I guarantee you , you will make 30 $ just from air, and if you will be lucky you will make 300 $ in day.

so how to do it ?

You don't need.

2.Coding Skills
3.Much time.

So first of all , you just buy host (for 1 to 10 $) and .info domain for (12$) thats all what u need.

You find some real-looking Domain like > or

Buy it and install wordpress, after that you just make site to look like real, add like 10 posts from some USA news site and thats all , you done with site.

then you monetize your site with Propeller (Register on on

there is guide how to do it, they have really great support and what i have tested so far , they have best cpm for USA (exactly from facebook).

after your site and Propell is ready you will need only 4 real facebook , like your relatives fb or your own (its better because u won't be banned for sure).

we target only USA traffic because it pays best, so we go to Google and search " USA cities (or Counties) by population.

you will find many states and cities , you take 5 of with population to 100,000 to 500,000 .
For example you take city "Nashville" here we go.
you go to facebook and type in search "Nashville" and you will find many groups of it like "Nashville Yard Sale" , "I grew up in Nashville" and etc.

you just add 7 groups of Nashville , with 8k+ members .

then you move to next facebook account and add groups from "Shreveport" (USA CITY)
you will add 7 groups there too.
now after you will do same again on 3 facebooks you will have like 35 groups from the USA.

wait 2-3 days and start posting there. so what u post ?

I have tried everything, Nudes, Real posts, Top 10 places from states and etc.
but for me best articles so far was fake articles like this.

"3 people died and other 5 injured in Nashville"

you will find similar post and just will change it a bit and start posting.

Thats all.

Maybe there will be days when u will have 20$-50$ earnings in day , but there will be time when ur post will go viral and you will make 700 $ in day.

so conclusion,


1.You make Site
2.Monetize it with Propeller
3. Add USA groups from Facebook Accounts
4.Will share Fake Posts in that groups.