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How To Create A YouTube Channel And Make Over $2,000 Monthly Posting Videos

Discussion in 'Technologies' started by Goodluck Abel, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Goodluck Abel

    Goodluck Abel New Member

    Aug 27, 2018
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    How To Create A YouTube Channel And Make Over $2,000 Monthly Posting Videos

    Beginner's Guide On How To Create A YouTube Channel
    YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the whole world and just like Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, Pinterest and other social networks, making money from YouTube is 100% possible.
    Following our last post on how to make money on YouTube, someone contacted requesting for how to create a YouTube channel and we helped him in the process of creating the channel but I'm sure he wasn't the only person that needed such help.
    This post is for anyone that is finding the process of creating a YouTube channel hard and we hope it offers a great help to you.
    A YouTube channel is very easy to create, in fact you just need a data connection and an internet enabled device, preferably a computer. Although with a smart phone, you can successfully create and upload videos to your channel with ease. However, for this tutorial, we'll be using a computer.
    Start with the basics:
    → The first step in getting a YouTube channel is to create a gmail account. To do that, you just need to visit and sign in to your account (or create a new one).
    → Visit and click on the icon at the top right of the screen
    → Visit your account's YouTube Settings by clicking on the gear icon
    → Click on the 'Create New Channel' button
    → Choose “Use A Business Or Other Name”
    → Choose a name for the channel, it can be your business name or personal name depending on what the channel will be used for:

    - The Next Step: Fill In The About Section
    This is the where you'll fill in your profile and channel description and it's the first option you'll see after successfully creating the channel. You'll describe your brand and other things your viewers will expect when they subscribe to the channel.
    You can also add links to your blogs, websites and social media handles to enable you gain followers from the channel. Try your best to make it very attractive as it'll appear in more than one place in the channel.


    - Channel your art
    YouTube recommends a cover photo of around 2560 x 1440 pixels with a maximum file size of 4MB, so be conscious of that while creating the design. This is the first impression of your business and should be as professional and attractive as possible.
    Your cover photo is the prime real estate for the introduction of your business or brand, if you're not a pro, it'll be best to higher the services of professional graphics designers. Also, you can use a photo that will be related to your business without necessarily designing it. For example, a musician can use a photo showing where he or she is performing on stage and an actor or actress can use a behind the scene or even a previous movie.

    - Lights, camera, trailer!
    Trailers sell movies, they make people want to watch the movie with all enthusiasm so make yours sweet and short. It can show what your channel is all about, is it a business or a music or movie channel? Is it for your Non-governmental organization? Do you have other previous achievements? Then you can choose the best scenes and feature them there.
    It's not compulsory and depends on how big you want your channel to be. A good trailer can also be featured in the channel and it'll be the first video people will see when they visit the channel. However, you can skip the process and head over to the next stage which is,uploading your first video.

    - Upload your first video
    On your marks, set...goooooo! You're set to upload your first video and try to make it to be as good as possible. Nobody is perfect and we learn everyday, so don't expect the video to be the best in the first trial. If you take your time to explore many popular channels, you'll notice that they improved in the quality of their videos with time.
    However, try to use a good camera and nice video editing tools. When you're done with the shooting and editing of the video, you upload it to your channel. You can upload the video by clicking on the icon at the top right of the screen when you log into your YouTube account.

    - Optimize for search
    Although you won't have to depend only on SEO, but SEO can give you thousands of views without much stress. Just like a normal SEO, optimizing your YouTube videos for the search engines is very necessary. Take a look at this image below:

    It's a screenshot from one of my videos that is appearing in Google's first page. You know YouTube is owned by Google, so they put in a lot of effort towards making there videos there more discoverable.
    You can also do proper keyword research before giving your video a title and description to help you now what people are really interested in about you given keyword.

    - Share your videos
    This is also another very important aspect ofmonetizing a YouTube channel and you shouldn't ignore it. The different social media platforms are great places for generating views especially if you're already popular.
    You should have an active Twitter account, Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagramand other popular social media handles. In addition to these, forums can also help you generate good traffic.

    - Invest In YouTube Ads
    Although this might be quite expensive, especially when you'll be billed in dollars as aNigerian, it is still worth investing in. If your YouTube channel is related to your business, you'll want to beat your competitors and that's when YouTube ads come in.
    Image Credit:
    Take a look at the GIF above, it's an estimate of what investing in a YouTube ads will cost. If you're financially okay to handle it, then it'll be the best for you.
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