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== The Amazon Refund Trick ==Tested 5 Jan 2019 and Working ==


Community Chief
VIP user
1. Make sure you have the order number for the order you want a refund on
2. Visit this paste and copy it!
3. Now open a notepad file and change some things. You'll see the names Daniel and rob, Leave the name rob as it is.
4. Remove the name Daniel from each sentence and replace it with your name
5. Now locate where I put my order number in (near the top somewhere) and replace it with the order number of YOUR product you want a refund on.
6. Once you have changed all of the "Daniel" and put the order number in place, look up "amazon customer support. i will provide a link under this step. log into that and find the item you wanted a refund on.
5. Now the tricky part. request a refund on the item and go into amazon live chat... Right when you connect with an amazon sales rep, copy and paste the conversation that I gave and right when you paste it, click the big "SEND" button then click "end chat" literally 2 seconds after you have sent the convo.
6. Now, log out of the amazon account and go back to amazon customer support and log in.
7. Go to the same item and request a refund and then go to the amazon live chat again. say this:
Hey , I asked for a refund on one of my items and the person I spoke to offered me a refund, but the chat got disconnected"
Then just go along with what the member of staff says and remain friendly! They'll most likely ask you to wait a moment and ask for your order number but thats about it really.
8. Remember you can only do this once for that item but you can do it again for other items...however try using a different account because they'll catch on eventually.